Welcome to Everyman Chronicle

Hello, and welcome to Everyman Chronicle. I’m glad you could make it.

What is this? Well, realistically, this is about the fifth website I’ve set up in the last few months. I’m one for grand visions; I have a lot of them, and most of them don’t reach the level of grandeur I envision, but I keep going and entertain each one as it comes. Perhaps this will be the one that finally sticks and grows into a long-term project.

Speaking more idealistically, this is a blog for the men for whom there are no blogs.

The story

My current situation is basically the premise of most modern sitcoms: I’m in the wrong part of my twenties, living in a major city, and a bit down on my luck. Specifically, I’m in between proper jobs. While this is naturally a bit worrying and depressing, it has also given me the free time to explore what I’m interested in once again – and that was when it struck me.

Think about the men’s magazines you know. Chances are they fall into one of two categories. Either they cater to affluent, high-earning guys who want to know which £100 shirts they should waste their next pay cheques on, or they mainly consist of photos of scantily-clad women with the odd paragraph about the Premier League thrown in.

That’s where Everyman Chronicle comes in. I’m not entirely sure what it will become yet, but I intend it to inform and entertain men in similar situations to me, touching on everything from restaurants to relationships, video games to football, and fashion to mental health. This is a blog – and hopefully a community – for real men. I hope you enjoy it.

About me

As I mentioned, I’m a young professional, currently between jobs, and I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut with a fair amount of free time. When I’m not applying to roles, I want to check in a few times a week with an anecdote, a review, or just some thoughts on a topic that’s been important to me that day. I don’t intend to restrict myself here.

Believe it or not, I’m also a properly-trained, experienced writer. Mistakes may creep in – this isn’t my day job, I don’t have time to re-read everything, and I’ll probably often be writing while I’m tired. But I hope you enjoy my posts. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts, if you’d like to contribute, or if you’d like me to write a guest post for your own blog.

I’m always available at everymanchronicle@gmail.com.


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