Nearly two years after 2015’s epic, classic rock-inspired concept album Drones, Muse announced that they would be releasing a new single called Dig Down.

As usual, the fan base hype went into overdrive. After a couple of experimental, often poppier albums, Drones had swung back towards the band’s paranoid rock roots. Would the song that hit YouTube on May 18th give Stockholm Syndrome, Knights of Cydonia, and – dare I say it – Plug In Baby a run for their money?

The simple answer is, “No – not even close.” Here’s what we got…

Dig Down turned out to be a fusion of the 2012 fan bugbear Madness (just without the cool guitar solo), familiar Queen-style vocal harmonies, and – bizarrely – a chorus that’s almost identical to that of George Michael’s beloved Freedom.

I know Muse have been there before with tracks like Undisclosed Desires and the aforementioned Madness, but for a band that’s pushed the boundaries with mind-blowing space rock, timeless classical music-inspired guitar riffs, and actual symphonies, Dig Down feels… well, disappointing.

It’s listenable, and it’ll probably grow on me a bit in time, but it’s just not Muse. I’d even go as far as to say it’s passed the dull Explorers to the title of my least favourite Muse song (it actually took me quite a long time to choose a second-worst track).

The one positive effect of Dig Down? It inspired me to dig out my guitar for the first time in a while and play some classic Muse songs like Knights of Cydonia.