Muse’s new song Dig Down made me dig out my guitar

Nearly two years after 2015’s epic, classic rock-inspired concept album Drones, Muse announced that they would be releasing a new single called Dig Down.

As usual, the fan base hype went into overdrive. After a couple of experimental, often poppier albums, Drones had swung back towards the band’s paranoid rock roots. Would the song that hit YouTube on May 18th give Stockholm Syndrome, Knights of Cydonia, and – dare I say it – Plug In Baby a run for their money? Continue reading “Muse’s new song Dig Down made me dig out my guitar”

What happened to all the quirky stuff in video games?

I recently started listening to Polygon’s excellent Cool Games Inc. podcast and I’m hooked. I used to love coming up with games ideas when I was a teenager and embarked on many ambitious gamemaker-based projects that lasted all of two weeks each.

Some of Nick and Griffin’s ideas sound like they would make genuinely great games, and the strange little flourishes they suggest are frequently the icing on the cake. That got me thinking – what happened to all the quirky stuff that used to be in video games? Continue reading “What happened to all the quirky stuff in video games?”

Welcome to Everyman Chronicle

Hello, and welcome to Everyman Chronicle. I’m glad you could make it.

What is this? Well, realistically, this is about the fifth website I’ve set up in the last few months. I’m one for grand visions; I have a lot of them, and most of them don’t reach the level of grandeur I envision, but I keep going and entertain each one as it comes. Perhaps this will be the one that finally sticks and grows into a long-term project.

Speaking more idealistically, this is a blog for the men for whom there are no blogs. Continue reading “Welcome to Everyman Chronicle”